Cross Country Course
Mile High Horse Ranch has one of the best, if not the best Cross Country Schooling course in Colorado. It is varied with many of the types of jumps one would find at a competition. The 22-25 inviting, yet challenging fences at each of the levels from Intro to Training include interesting questions, a water complex, banks, ditches, etc. (Scroll down to see some of the fences at your level.) We also have a challenging assortment of Preliminary fences. 
The course is built over 35 acres of hilly terrain which gives you the opportunity to train your horse up and down hill. Each jump is color coded according to the level, making it easy to stay at a level or move up if you wish.
To complete the schooling experience, we have a measured and marked gallop track for speeds up to five levels. Bring your watch.
Come School on our X-C: 
    Schooling at Mile High is open all summer (weather permitting) except for the week preceding each Derby.
   To school, you need to be accompanied by an insured instructor who should make an appointment by calling Mile High at 303-755-0313 (leave a message) or by e-mailing 
No Instructor?
If you don't have an instructor and wish to come school your horse, our trainer Lynn Klisavage will be happy to work with you either on the X-C course or stadium or both.
Schooling cost is only $40 per horse / per day with no time limit.
You need to sign a Release. To download click HERE
Overnight or weekend stays are welcomed. $20 per horse/ per night. Plug in
       your camper or stay at one of the Hotels within five minutes of MHHR.

ELEMENTARY - 18"-24" (Red)
BEGINNER NOVICE 2'-2'7" (Yellow)
NOVICE - 2'8" - 2'11" (White)
TRAINING - 3' - 3'3" (Black)
PRELIMINARY - 3'4" - 3'7" (Green)